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Although they say not to judge a book by its cover, the reality is that everyone does so. For that reason, I have put a lot of thought into the cover of my new book, Beyond Beauty – A Refugee’s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness. If you have spent any time on our social media page, you already know that we have tested several covers to see which one will work the best at conveying the right message.

Book Cover Beyond Beauty
When the publisher first suggested that I put my face on the cover of the book, I did not know what to think. I was left asking why anyone would care about the way I look when they are trying to decide if they should buy my book.

While I was humbled by their suggestion, my face does not even scratch the surface of the story that my book will soon reveal to my readers. Looking at my face won’t help you understand the battles that I have fought or the challenges that I have defeated throughout my life. Neither will it show you my goals or vision for the future. Capturing the true nature of what I would like to communicate and share with my readers through a book cover won’t be easy, but I believe that I did my best.

The tiles you see on the cover reminds us that love and beauty are inseparable. You see, the greatest luxury my family had when I was a child was a custom mosaic tiled floor. My father had laid it down for my mother before he passed away. He had taken all of us to a tile factory on a family trip. My father couldn’t afford the tiles, so he had us sort through the rejects, the broken and imperfect shards so that we could have something beautiful.

Book Cover Reveal

Those tiles were our flying carpet, they transported us from the refugee camp and became a constant reminder of his love for us. They revealed that beauty is what you make of it. It comes in all shapes, sizes and is sometimes even built from broken fragments found in a waste pile. It can be found in the most unlikely of places and, most often, love can be found with it.

Take a deep look into the mosaic tiles on the cover. You will find 4 beautifully hidden clues that I have travelled through in this book. Can you see them? If you do, list them below and one lucky winner will win a signed copy of Beyond Beauty – A Refugee’s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness.

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