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Nothing in life remains static for too long. No matter how good or bad things might seem when they happen, they will change with time, but most of us get so distracted by the moment that we forget to see the big picture. If we allow every event that happens to impact our sense of well-being and outlook, our entire lives will be an unstable roller coaster of emotions. Some people will take this advice to mean that they should not have goals, which is not the case. Although you need to have a purpose and a drive for things that you want to accomplish, you must learn to become independent of the outcome to get the most from life. 

Those who spend too much energy hoping to gain something that they don’t have won’t be able to appreciate the things that are right in front of them. Even if they reach their goals, their happiness won’t last as long as they might expect. Their joy will soon be replaced with the fear of losing whatever it is that they have gained. When you take this advice to heart and learn to accept your life as it is, you will find that happiness comes from inside of yourself. Rather than external factors, it’s the way that you perceive the world that plays the biggest role in your quality of life. 

Even though letting go is not always an easy task to complete, anyone can do so with practice. If you want to find the right balance, you will need to set goals but also to know that you can never predict how certain situations will end. As you learn to become independent of the outcome, you will also get much more enjoyment from your victories because you will be less inclined to take them for granted.

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