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Reflection: How Childhood Can Shape Our Confidence and Sense of Worth

From the clothes we wear to the way that we carry ourselves, most of us never think about why we behave or dress the way we do. A lot of who we are today and what we believe to be true about ourselves was shaped during childhood. Even though some of the memories have faded, our past can still have a strong impact on the level of self-esteem that we have. Even if you are pleased with the direction in which your life is moving, looking back can provide valuable insights to which you would not otherwise have access.

Children grow up looking to others for guidance on how to live and respond to the events happening around them. Children who grow up in homes with parents who try to live up to other people’s standards will develop the same desire to fit in with the crowd. When parents scold their children for stepping outside of social standards, it can plant the seeds of doubt that will prevent them from ever feeling comfortable expressing themselves. On the other hand, parents who are confident will naturally promote a positive sense of worth in their children, allowing them to feel the freedom to express themselves.

Although following certain guidelines can help you to optimize your appearance and to look your best, you must pause on occasion to ask yourself why you are living your life the way that you are. If you find that you would like to try a new look but feel self-conscious about doing so, challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.

Stepping too far too fast can be overwhelming, so try changing one piece of clothing or accessory at a time, and your self-esteem will begin to improve. Learning to be comfortable with yourself and your sense of style is about more than just you. As you learn to become confident and free to express yourself, you will inspire others to do the same. Trust me if this woman who came from Refugee camp can become an international icon so can you.

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