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If you want to hear a story that touches on the extremes of emotion and explores the resilience of the human spirit, you won’t want to miss this new book. Although the story focuses on Ferial Youakim’s life and the challenges that she had faced, the lessons that she had learned apply to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Even though we can feel fragile and insignificant at times, you would be amazed at how much strength we all have if we can find a way to channel it.

You will take a look inside her life and see stories of herself that she has never revealed in such detail, and you can expect to laugh, cry and find the connection that we all share. You will learn about her early years growing up in a refugee camp and how she was determined to make the most of each day. Even though life was sometimes bleak, she her my family, and that was enough. Her father was the one who inspired her to get through some of the toughest days that they had faced together, but she lost him when she least expected it. With the death of her father and being bullied on a regular basis, she was almost brought to her breaking point. When hoped seemed to be nothing more than a faded memory, she was able to find the will to pursue her dreams.

She had to find something bigger than herself to summon the motivation to push onward, which is when she noticed that others looked up to her for guidance and support. She never asked for it, but she knew that she could not let them down. If She could only communicate one message to the world, it would be that we all need to see the value in ourselves and to find a way to focus on our goals, dreams, and ambitions. She is confident that her story can encourage you to discover the strength that you never knew you had, changing your life in a positive way.

Beyond Beauty – A Refugees Journey in Pursuit of Happiness

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