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Living on Your Own Terms: How to Break Past Your Fears

Life comes with many roadblocks and challenges that will hold you back, but you cannot allow them to do so. The #1 thing that limits us is often something that we would least expect. Rather than outside forces, it’s often our fears that prevent us from living life on our terms. While some of us fear failure, others fear success and don’t even know it. Succeeding means that we will need to live up to an even higher standard, and not everyone wants to deal with that pressure.

The interesting part is that most of the things that we had feared in the past have never even happened. With this fact in mind, learning to face your fears is one of the most empowering things that you can do. Even though reaching this goal is harder than it sounds, the following tips will keep you on the right track.

Take Baby Steps

When it comes to facing fears, some people try to do too much at the start of the journey and it does no good. Trying to overcome too many fears at one time can cause stress and discouragement, but not doing enough will limit your progress. The key is to find the edge of your comfort zone and to push yourself slightly beyond it on a regular basis. For example, someone who has social anxiety can start by working on eye contact or asking strangers for the time. Once that person gets comfortable with the task, he or she can try making small talk with people in line at the bank or supermarket.

Set Your Goals

If you are serious about overcoming your fears, start right away. You have the right to live a fulfilling life. Using a piece of paper, write down some of the fears that you would like to overcome within the next few months. You will then need to consider where your comfort zone ends, allowing you to expose yourself to the right amount of fear without getting overwhelmed. If you consistently take the right steps, your comfort zone will expand slightly. Finding the next boundary and moving past it is the final step, and you can simply repeat the process until fear no longer binds your behavior.

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