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The Sunflower Song: Optimism and Determination

A Flower of the Sun

The sunflower is truly one of the most beautiful flowers to ever grace the earth. Laden with such vibrant pedals that are hinged on a perfect circle, it is no wonder why it is scientifically named Helianthus, which is literally Latin for “flower of the sun.” People – including myself – favor the sunflower. People are enthralled with its disposition. It stands tall in any field acting as a sun. The curious thing about sunflowers is that no matter where they are in the field, regardless of their particular height, they will always move their heads from east to west during the day.

Standing Tall

Yes, I do find its golden pedals and evergreen stems charming, but I fell in love with the sunflower for another reason: optimism. Sunflowers will follow the sun’s course from sunrise to sunset without fail. Is that not optimism, triumph of character? Optimism without a doubt is necessary in leading a fulfilling life. It allows a person to push through obstacles and stand his or her ground; much like how the sunflower still stands after a powerful gale. Although other beautiful flowers have their place in the sun, the sunflower stands tried and true. We should strive to have something of the sunflower’s determination to seek and find the positive around us.I may have belabored my metaphor, but there are two parts to all this talk about flowers. I hope that you see that we are all flowers and that the garden is this life. There is growth, which is neither good nor bad, but simply growth. It is unrealistic not to think that some people are born with great advantages, while others appear to have little to nothing in their favor. But everyone is capable of optimism and everyone can stand tall like a sunflower.

Find Yourself Among Others

If I may leave you one thing, its this: some people prefer to remain negative within their comfort zones. Do not abandon them, but do not fall with them. Find the other sunflowers. They might live in a different part of the garden, or they might be a different height, or have more or fewer petals than you, but they are sunflowers in their own right.

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