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Self-Acceptance: An Important Truth

Self-Acceptance: An Important Truth

Self-acceptance? Yes, you’ve heard it all before. It is one of the most conversed topics for both young and older women – and even men – these days. Social media plays a huge as well as a detrimental role in achieving universal acceptance of oneself.

The influences of Facebook and Instagram have had staggering effects, especially to young teens. The increasing number of celebrity, fashion and fitness icons are becoming more pertinent in the life of the average adolescent. I think that these ‘icons’ have the intention to display their own beauty, talent and set of skills; but have unintentionally set a seemingly impossible standard for teenagers.

The only way to relieve these pressures is to understand the UTMOST IMPORTANCE of self-acceptance; what it is, and why it is essential to life.

What does it really mean to have fully and wholly accepted oneself? It could mean not comparing yourself to others. Rather you should use others as inspiration and admire them for their qualities, whilst ALSO loving your own. Having fitness and fashion icons is not a negative thing. They may be used as stimuli to better and improve your own life and confidence. But the danger lies when you compare yourself to the point where it draws out all remaining self-confidence.

Self-acceptance is also knowing that there is beauty in diversity and difference. A world full of identical, symmetrical and ‘perfect’ women would practically eradicate all meaning to the word “perfect.” Everyone would become identical, but secondarily, it would be the most boring and dreary world full of faces and bodies. It is simply interesting to meet the beautiful and exotic faces that make up this planet and to cherish the thousands of types of noses, lips, jaw lines and skin. That is why self-acceptance is such an important truth; and that there is nothing more superior than that.

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