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The Difficult and Rewarding Struggle of Defeating Your Inner Demons

Although life is often beset with many roadblocks, setbacks and challenges. One of the most challenging obstacles is having low self esteem. Being born and living in a refugee camp was a nightmare. Getting out and finding a better life than you once had was the easy part. It’s handling the emotional scars that get left behind that will take the biggest toll on your well-being, leaving you in a dark place from which escape seems next to impossible. The most challenging aspects of life force us to make a choice that will impact our future in a powerful and undeniable way. We can give in to the pain and feelings of discouragement, or we can use the pain as motivation to make a positive change for ourselves and others.

During the darkest moments of my life, I so wanted to give up because the stress was almost unbearable. If I had only focused on myself during those days, I don’t know if I would have had what it took to pull myself out of it. On the outside, I was a strong woman and a symbol of hope, perseverance and determination; on the inside, I was broken. It was only when others could see the strength that I couldn’t see that I was able to change my focus. I discovered that I needed to start looking at the opportunities that were in front of me. Because a lot of people looked up to me, being strong was my only choice.

Low-self esteem haunted me for longer than I care to admit, but it’s something that many people face on a daily basis. Not only is it dangerous because it can impact the way that we view the world, the people around us and ourselves, but it can make everything seem hopeless. Unless you find a way to combat the problem, you will fall to your demons. You won’t try to succeed or to pursue your goals because you won’t see the point. Unfortunately, you decide to save yourself the trouble. Most of us are capable of much more than we understand. Only finding a way to battle your own inner demons will allow you to unleash your potential.

We often feel as though the outside world is what causes the most problems for us. It’s easy to have someone or something to blame, but it’s often the things that go on inside of our minds that hold us back more than anything else ever could. The good news is that it does not need to be that way. If I can face my inner demons and regain my self-esteem, anyone can do the same. I know that it’s hard, but the rewards are worth it. So I would like to challenge you all to discover the chains that have been binding you and to break them. Often, the first step is to sit down in front of a mirror and to get comfortable with the person you see looking back at you.

Take some time to uncover the things that are important to you and to solidify your identity. When you know what you stand for and can define yourself, you will access a glimmer of hope that will inspire you to keep moving forward, and you will know that you are headed in the right direction.

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