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Ferial Youakim is an inspiring author who seeks to help people unlock their own positive self-value by sharing her journey. Ferial’s mission is to help men and women achieve their full potential by image empowerment.read full bio
Ferial Youakim Beyond Beauty
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Fighting Back and Claiming Your Win

Fighting Back and Claiming Your Win

Many people look at the things I have achieved over the years and say I’m lucky to be where I am today. While luck might have played some role in my life’s journey and the victories I have earned over the years, my mindset and determination are what allowed me to overcome my setbacks and

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Beyond Beauty: A Refugee's Journey in Pursuit of Happiness

"A beautifully written book. Ferial reminds us through her wonderful, yet simple truths that beauty is in each of us. We just need to open our heart mind and discover what is truly important. Compassion, empathy, conscious caring, love of family, belief in the possible, are just a few of the impressions she leaves me with..."

"Received the book today. Started reading and could not put it down. It is well written and heartfelt. I would recommend this to everyone."

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